I am a filmmaker who subverts typical formats (adverts, self-help media, factual interviews) in order to entertain. My work has been nominated and shown in film festivals across the globe, including North America, Europe and Asia. At present, I am working on the creation of a documentary and a TV pilot. My work is being supported by John Hodge, Screenwriter of Trainspotting, as part of the Glasgow Film New Talent Mentorship 2023.

I am also a published writer with experience as an Art Department Assistant, see below for some examples of my work as a writer and crewmember.

Filmmaking Work:

TV Pilot
In Development
Flow State
In Development

Nature, Nurture
UWS MA short film
“Whilst recording a promotional video for her brand of award-winning jam, a businesswoman reflects on a heinous act from her past...”

Up in Smoke
UWS MA short film
“After a self-help CD is posted through her door, Corrie undertakes a journey of self-improvement that leads her to an unsettling discovery.“

Art Department Work:

If Not Now, When?
A Just Fred Production
Art Dep Assistant
“We can’t cheat time, but we can master it...”

Paternal Advice
Short Circuit
Art Dep Assistant
“A Scottish working-class man teaches his son a Scottish working-class lesson.”

Audio Work:

“During the run-up to the Sunderland election children begin to go missing...”

“Welcome to Dr. Arthur Morelli's self-help guide, the Quest for Lucidity parts 1 -3.”

Published writing:

SNACK Magazine
Scottish Short Film Review, 46
Skint: The Taking of Balgrayhil Street
Episode 7
Writer/Director, James Price.

Take One Action
International Film Festival Review
A reflection on The Mushroom Speaks, screening as part of #TOAFF22
Writer/Director, Marion Neumann.

Community Outreach:

Southside Writers Group
A free, bi-monthly, creative writing workshop led by Conor Molloy, Katie Fiore and Ruby Cedar.

Stopped Clocks Film Club
A free, weekly, community film club held to support the (since successful) National Lottery Heritage grant application for St Peters in the Forest, Walthamstow.

Further work can be found on my Vimeo.

please email me for any further information regarding commissions or collaboration.

conormolloy58@gmail.com    https://vimeo.com/conormolloy   
Conor J Molloy